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EA denies Battlefield 2042 only has skeleton crew working on it

Published: 13:55, 09 June 2022
Battlefield 2042 - drop in
Battlefield 2042 performance on PC can drop quite significantly after the latest Windows 11 updates

It looks like turning a game's identity upside down and releasing it in a half baked state spells out demise as Battlefield 2042 is reportedly on its last legs before the shutdown, which EA denies for the time being.

Battlefield 2042 launched in a terrible state, which immediately resulted in large chunks of the player base abandoning it and reviews being mostly negative. Some games have managed to recover from such a state but EA took their time with BF2042 which did not rub the fans well.

Fast forward to early June 2022, Jeff Grubb reports that EA has only a skeleton crew left working on the game and they are only there to deliver the content that was promised in the "high-end versions" of the game, probably referring to Gold and Ultimate, which came bundled with the Year 1 Pass that includes new specialists, season passes and skins.

Not long after the news started circulating the internet, EA provided a comment for Eurogamer , denying the claims. The comment stated that "There is a significant team at DICE" that is backed up by other EA studios that is still working on the title.

Considering that EA was already eager to pull the plug on past live service games that didn't perform well at launch, it wouldn't be a stretch to believe they are doing the same with BF2042. The company initially denied they would abandon Anthem but we all know how that one ended.

Jakub Kowalczyk Battlefield 2042 - Flooded Orbital map Battlefield 2042 - Flooded Orbital map


Keep in mind that the timeline and modus operandi, in that case, was fairly similar - BioWare devs were moved from Anthem to Dragon Age 4, at which point EA denied Anthem would get less support. It got less support and the plug was pulled from the planned overhaul.

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