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Battlefield 2042 gets a free weekend one month after release

Published: 04:17, 17 December 2021
Battlefield 2042 management wanted Modern Warfare-like operators
Battlefield 2042 management wanted Modern Warfare-like operators

DICE's latest entry in the Battlefield series didn't go well with the players and the game is now having a free weekend, possibly to try and replenish the player base.

Battlefield 2042 launched to a lot of backlash that was there for various reasons. Technical issues made the game nearly unplayable in some cases while the removal of classes and introduction of heroes disappointed all the longtime fans of the series. It wasn't long before this started manifesting in the metrics for the game as players abandoned it en masse and reviews on Steam became Mostly Negative .

It appears the devs are trying to revive the title after the free fall it found itself in following the release as Battlefield 2042 is having a free weekend, until December 22, 2021.

You can also purchase the game at a 34 per cent discount, although it's questionable whether BF2042 is worth any money at this point in time. There is still a lot mess that needs to be cleaned up and it's impossible to tell how much of a player base the game will have after the dust settles.

That said, downloading and trying the shooter for no extra cost might be appealing so if you're on the fence with the game make sure to give it a whirl. If you do, be aware of the honeymoon period as players can easily gloss over the negative sides of a game in the first few days or weeks of playing.

Only when you are aware of a game's shortcomings should you decide whether it's worth your investment.

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