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Battlefield 2042 4.0 Update adds VOIP, rebalances vehicles and Specialists

Published: 15:44, 18 April 2022
Battlefield 2042 - drop in
Battlefield 2042 performance on PC can drop quite significantly after the latest Windows 11 updates

Battlefield 2042 now has voice chat but only for parties and squads. The update also introduced 

EA DICE revealed that another major update for Battlefield 2042 will be live tomorrow - April 19, 2022. The update brings a much requested voice chat functionality but only for Party and Squads, which may not be ideal for some Battlefield 2042 players.

There's also a change to End of Round that displays the Scoreboard and an overhaul to some weapon attachments. A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes are also included. Read on for the biggest highlights of the Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0. 

EA DICE BF 2042 - Some attachments received major overhauls BF 2042 - Some attachments received major overhauls

  • Balance adjustments to Specialists such as updated Traits for Rao and Paik, and improvements to Sundance’s Specialty, with a focus on their Anti-Armor Grenades being more effective against targets in their immediate vicinity
  • Vehicle balance changes such as making the M5C Bolte’s passengers easier to target, and a reduction in power for its Missile Launcher
  • Fixes for being unable to ADS after exiting a vehicle, or being unable to revive players near objects
  • Improved Ribbons and XP Events to make them easier to unlock across modes

EA and DICE have promised more updates throughout the year. Recently, they detailed improvements and fixes to certain maps by adding more cover, removing some areas on the maps and more.

You can check out the full patch notes for Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 on EA's official website.

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