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EA DICE reveal massive changes to Battlefield 2042 maps

Published: 08:01, 01 April 2022
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Battlefield 2042 performance on PC can drop quite significantly after the latest Windows 11 updates

EA and DICE have shared a detailed blog post where they revealed some of the changes that will be coming to most problematic Battlefield 2042 maps.

Ever since players got to try Battlefield 2042 during the beta tests, one of the key complaints was how poorly designed the new maps are. Basically, Battlefield 2042 are way too big, lack cover and the distance between the capture points is too large.

EA and DICE promised they would look into these issues and as promised they have come up with potential solutions, which they detailed in  the latest blog post.

The improvements are focused on traversal, cover, line of sight, paths and intensity of battles. EA DICE confirm that their solution to some of the issues are to reduce overall travel time between spawns by moving them closer together on both Renewal and Kaleidoscope maps. 

Changes should be coming in Season 1 this summer. Here's what to expect: 

Renewal map changes

EA DICE Battlefield 2042 - Changes to Renewal map Battlefield 2042 - Changes to Renewal map

EA Battlefield 2042 - Some locations will be removed on Renewal map Battlefield 2042 - Some locations will be removed on Renewal map

As you can see from the screenshots, Renewal will introduce additional cover in certain sectors while at the same time, removing some buildings that serve no purpose. EA say they could even completely remove the Distribution Center from the map and make it an out of bounds area to make improvements to pathing in this map. 

Kaleidoscope map changes

EA Battlefield 2042 - Upcoming changes on the Kaleidoscope map Battlefield 2042 - Upcoming changes on the Kaleidoscope map

EA Battlefield 2042 - Kaleidoscope changes Battlefield 2042 - Kaleidoscope changes

Kaleidoscope will also receive a significant makeover, adding more cover to some sectors, which should result in a more enjoyable combat overall. For example, the B1 and G1 capture points now have additional objects to provide more cover while some terrain has been elevated for the same purpose. 

Additionally, EA and DICE will be reducing the vehicle availability:

  • Reducing the number of attack vehicles and helicopters that can be active at any time in 128 player modes per category from 3, to 2. 
    • This means you’ll only be able to encounter 2 tanks, and 2 attack helicopters available at any time, instead of 3 each.  
  • Increasing the cooldown for attack vehicles and helicopters from 60, to 120 seconds.
  • The MD540 Nightbird will be moved from transport into the attack helicopter category, and the MC5 Bolte will also be moved from transport into the attack vehicle category.

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