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Battlefield 1 next DLC reveal

Published: 14:54, 06 April 2017
Battlefield 1

News on the next Battlefield 1 DLC are due today. The news will reveal the future expansions and the features the developers are planning. Also, the CTE should soon become available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players as well.

Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass is getting a little brother, or sister. Today, we'll get some new info on the next DLC for the World War 1 shooter.

A Redditor recently posted a photo showing an announcement which reads: "The Road Ahead: On April 6, we'll reveal what's in store for Battlefield 1 going forward. You'll get some all-new details on the upcoming expansions and the features we're planning. And maybe one or two surprises as well..."

It got a lot of his fellow Redditors very excited. Some want a free DLC map, others crave the weapons being tested in the CTE (Community Test Environment).

EA Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass

At the moment, the only DLC available for Battlefield 1 is the They Shall Not Pass which brought with it a slew of new maps, vehicles and weapons.

The CTE, only available for the PC players up to this point, may become available to Xbox One and PS4 users as well. The delay on consoles is due to the fact all the updates have to go through validation and be approved by Sony and Microsoft before being released into the wild.

EA Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass

The reason the developers want to bring the CTE to the consoles is quite a simple one - PC users in the CTE can detect problems which occur on the PC, but not necessarily on the consoles, and vice versa. So, having the the CTE available to all platforms the game is available for, makes it much easier to push out tailor-made updates and patches which will cater to the specific platform the game is acting up on.

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