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Blizzard officially reveal Baptiste, Overwatch's new combat medic

Published: 13:56, 26 February 2019
picture showing character from overwatch
Overwatch's Baptiste

Baptiste is the name of Overwatch's new combat medic that is joining the hero roster in the upcoming weeks. In his origin story video, Baptiste can be seen with medical canisters while he talks about a choice between bandages and bullets.

After a couple of in the last few weeks, Blizzard have now officially revealed the new hero joining their online multiplayer shooter Overwatch.

The name of the new character is Jean-Baptiste Augustin or just Baptiste for short. He's described as a "combat medic" and according to his origin story trailer, Baptiste was born on Haiti and orphaned as a child by the Omnic Crisis.

He was a member of the terrorist group Talon, which is not something he's proud of judging by his monologue in the trailer. After spending some time with the group he described as devils, Baptiste left them in order to fight for a greater cause, which is "a better world".

He's looking to reach that goal with "one bandage or bullet at a time" as described in Blizzard's video description. It's safe to say that Baptiste looks skilful with both inflicting and easing the pain.

There's a couple of medic references in the video which could hint at his abilities. He's shown with several smaller medical canisters attached to his chest and at the very end of the video, he can be seen holding a larger canister in his left hand with a big grenade launcher-like weapon in his right.

Baptiste's exact play style and ultimate skill are still unknown but more details should be just around the corner.

Blizzard also stayed silent on the potential introduction date. At the moment, there is nothing to suggest when Baptiste could be dropping on Overwatch's public test realm server.

Blizzard Picture of the Paris map from Overwatch Overwatch - Paris

Baptiste is joining the Overwatch's roster as a 30th playable character and he'll join Ana, Moira and Mercy who are the game's main healers.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard recently revealed a new with a piano included. Some players have already started to have fun with it, playing Tetris and Overwatch .

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