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Avowed probably won't be at Xbox E3, despite the rumours

Published: 10:17, 04 June 2021
Avowed artwork showing the game's logo
Avowed logo

Obsidian's next big RPG Avowed probably won't be at Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase, which is scheduled for next week. Some rumours suggested that the game could be there but it seems that's not the case anymore.

Avowed is one of the most anticipated games from Xbox Games Studios and with Obsidian at the helm, no wonder why many RPG fans are excited to hear new details and see first gameplay. The game was officially revealed at last year's Xbox Games Showcase and many hoped to see it again at this year's show, which is coming next week.

However, it seems that won't be happening despite some rumours suggesting otherwise. Industry insider Jeff Grubb has been pretty adamant that Avowed won't be at Xbox and Bethesda E3 show but verified ResetEra insiders NateDrake and sponger claimed that their sources are suggesting otherwise. 

Today, NateDrake has backtracked on his earlier claim that Avowed will be at E3, confirming that his info was probably outdated.

"Did more digging and it does appear Jeff Grubb's info was more up to date as Avowed no longer appears to be on the E3 docket. It was definitely considered for E3 but hopefully, its removal means we see it sooner rather than later at another MS event," he wrote in the post.

Xbox Avowed screenshot showing a main character casting spells with a sword in his hand Avowed

We suggest you take the information with a grain of salt and do not expect to see Avowed at this year's E3. That way, we may get pleasantly surprised if the game appears at the show. 

Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is scheduled for June 13, 2021.

Avowed, an RPG by Obsidian Entertainment

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