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After last week's delay, pirate MMO Atlas is ready to launch

Published: 13:19, 19 December 2018
Updated: 16:01, 19 December 2018
Grapeshot Games

Pirate-themed MMO Atlas is hitting Steam's Early Access tomorrow - 20 December 2018. Coming from a new studio founded by creators of Ark: Survival Evolved, Atlas is looking to bring some ambitious features and large-scale naval battles.

Atlas was originally announced at The Games Awards 2018 and it picked up a lot of attention from after the reveal of the game's scale. Grapeshot Games, a development team created by Studio Wildcard revealed that their pirate-themed MMO will support up to 40,000 simultaneous players in one world. 

This alone was enough to ensure that Atlas becomes one of the most anticipated games revealed at The Games Awards show. Grapeshot Games continued with hype building by releasing more info as the release date got closer. The developer said that players will get to explore over 700 unique landscapes across 45,000 square kilometers. That's world 1200 times bigger than ARK's.

This also caused concern for some players that Atlas' optimisation could be even worse than Ark's given such a large scale. Others simply can't believe that the developer can pull it off and are saying that the game is overly-ambitious and or hyped up which might ultimately lead to failure.

Players will have the opportunity to build and manage their own ships, employ NPCs or play with their friends.

Ship navigation will be a tough task in Atlas as players will have to navigate through open waters, man cannons, patch holes in the hull and control sails individually. Bigger ships will require a well-coordinated crew just to control the ship in the open sea.

Grapeshot Games picture showing 4 head dragon and one eyed giant Atlas

For those who love to explore, Altas offers procedural treasure maps and the open sea with many creatures lurking below the surface.

Xbox One players will also get the chance to try Atlas in 2019 but no specific release date has been confirmed at the moment.

Atlas is a pirate-themed MMO by the creators of ARK

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