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Grapeshot Games promise quick and numerous updates for Atlas

Published: 14:41, 28 December 2018
Updated: 14:42, 28 December 2018
Grapeshot Games
Picture of a pirate captain with a parrot on his shoulder in Atlas
Atlas - Captain's Log

Atlas has had a rough start, and Grapeshot Games are well aware of that, as they explained in a lengthy Steam post. To that end, they have promised to fix the game eventually, through numerous and swift updates that will occur daily.

Atlas had a terrible launch, comparable to that of Fallout 76 that many gamers and critics consider to be the biggest disappointment of 2018. Lag and server stability can be overlooked as they are common in Early Access or even full launches of AAA games, but the fact that the game looks nothing like the trailers and that it could be ARK: Survival Evolved DLC leave a rough mark on Atlas.

Anyway, Grapeshot Games promised to deliver updates daily to both the game and the servers, right noting they should have foreseen the number of players that would jump into the game immediately. On top of that, there is a promise of several updates per day, should the issues warrant them. 

Grapeshot went on to reassure players that "these rapid updates and the continuous upwards progression will continue with Alas" hinting that they aim to press the attack with these updates and not let go anytime soon. There is a mention of the new version of the Official Network that "resolved many server crashes and is already showing significant improvement in server stability" but according to the developers, this is nowhere near the end of the stability-fixing road.

The also included the patch notes that are lengthy by themselves and bring a balance pass and fixes across the board. Army of the Damned has been toned down, which should give players more breathing room, especially since the faction will no longer target docked ships that were not their target previously.

Grapeshot Games picture showing pirate ships Atlas

Atlas still has a "Mostly Negative" score on Steam, but has been slowly improving over the past few days, currently standing at 28 per cent positive reviews. Initially it went down as far as reviews, dipping into "Overwhelmingly Negative" teritory for brief periods of time.

The game is certainly not out of the woods yet, but daily updates and improvements seem to satisfy more and more players as time goes on.

Atlas is a pirate-themed MMO by the creators of ARK

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