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Atlas admin account hijack causes devastation on NA servers

Published: 20:52, 18 January 2019
Grapeshot Games
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Atlas MMO

Atlas admin Steam account has been compromised by one player who gained access to North American PvP servers. The hijacker used the admin powers to cause devastation on the server by spawning sea beasts, WW2 tanks and rain warplanes.

One cheeky Atlas player gained access to admin's Steam account which he used to "cause some devastation" it's been confirmed by Grapeshot Games. 

The player used the full access to spawn WW2 tanks which he recklessly drove around the map, shooting and running over other pirates at the same time. Hijacker also summoned giant sea monstrosities and started a rain of exploding warplanes for proper havoc on North America PVP server.

The developers explained that this wasn't caused by a hack, third-party program or exploit but they didn't mention the exact method the hijacker used to gain access to the admin's Steam account. They also said that steps have been taken to ensure that something similar never happens again. 

Judging by the server rollback which happened once the developers realised the catastrophe, the prankster was having fun for around five and a half hours but some players pointed out that clips of hijacker's adventures started appearing much sooner.

In one of the clips from a Twitch streamer SniperNamedG, the offender can be seen in his tank which doesn't appear to have much hit points. Apparently, a few regular axe attacks were more than enough to destroy the vehicle pretty quickly.

SniperNamedG picture showing player chasing tank Shot from SniperNamedG's clip

The whole hijack situation left some players fuming, and they were pretty vocal in expressing their disappointment on PlayAtlas forums. Some of them wiped enemy bases and received valuable rewards during the hijack just to lose their progress due to server rollback.

Others defended Grapeshot Games by saying that the developers were quick to find and fix the problem. They also reminded angry pirates that Atlas is still an early access game and that these types of things can happen during that time.

That may be the case but it doesn't change the fact that players have found many ways to exploit Atlas and its admin commands which are used to spawn creatures, items and give players infinite experience.

Atlas is a pirate-themed MMO by the creators of ARK

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