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Outlaws of the Old West is the new game from Ark developers

Published: 07:39, 26 February 2019
Virtual Basement
picture showing cowboy
Outlaws of the Old West

Virtual Basement, who helped out with ARK, have unveiled their new survival game dubbed Outlaws of the Old West. Just like the name suggests, it's set in the days of cowboys and it is coming to Steam Early Access on 12 March 2019.

Virtual Basement, the creators of The Mean Greens Plastic Warfare and one of Studio Wildcard's Ark accomplices have revealed their new project dubbed Outlaws of the Old West.

It's an MMO survival game set in the wild west where players will get to build their own settlements, tame animals and fight off bandits on a 144 square kilometres map. According to the developers, Outlaws of the Old West will test players' survival skills with a harsh climate, temperatures, predators and other players.

In order to survive, players will have "thousands of items" in their disposal which can be used to craft, farm, build or fight off danger.

Some of the gameplay mechanics that players will be using to survive in Outlaws of the Old West are hunting, fishing and harvesting for minerals. On top of that, you will be able to grow various types of vegetables and fruits on your farms. Plenty of choices for the hard-working people out there.

The developers also mentioned mines, which will be your primary source of riches. Just like every other location with valuable minerals or items, mines will be where players will have to fight each other for gold.

Outlaws of the West will also feature a progression and morality system. Certain actions will affect players' morality in a positive or negative way. Once you hit the Wanted label, NPC bounty hunters may come to take you down.

Virtual Basement picture showing gun aimed at bear Outlaws of the Old West

As for the technical side of the new MMO survival, the game will feature a full day and night cycle with dynamic weather conditions. Judging by the trailer, there's a lot of work to be done on optimisation as FPS looks pretty abysmal in some scenes.

Outlaws of the West is arriving to Steam Early Access on 12 March 2019. The full release is also planed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Outlaws of the Old West - MMO survival by Virtual Basement

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