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ArenaNet reveals the Guild Wars 2 roadmap for Spring 2022

Published: 09:43, 23 March 2022
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet revealed what awaits the Guild Wars 2 players in the next few months as we are seeing the return of the first season of the Living World.

Guild Wars 2 is still enjoying the inaugural month of End of Dragons but the devs are already looking to the future and they introduced the players to the plans now. The Spring 2022 roadmap includes everything that will happen until late June, with the last item on the list technically being in the summer.

Anyway, the GW2 roadmap for Spring 2022 is as follows:

  • March 15—End of Dragons Polish Build
  • March 29—Super Adventure Festival, End of Dragons Polish Build
  • April 19—Living World Season 1 Episode 1, Aetherblade Hideout Challenge Mode
  • May 10—Xunlai Jade Junkyard Challenge Mode
  • May 24—Living World Season 1 Episode 2, Kaineng Overlook Challenge Mode, New Legendary Weapon Variant
  • June 7—Dragon Bash Festival, Harvest Temple Challenge Mode
  • June 28—Balance Update, New Legendary Weapon Variant

This means we are under a week away from the fan favourite activity, the Super Adventure Box. Unfortunately, there are no new levels and it's hard to imagine there ever will be since the designer behind the retro goodness is no longer with ANet.

Another highlight is the release of the new Legendary weapon variant, once again themed after a dragon. The first one in line is Zhaitan while the second one, releasing on June 28, remains a mystery but it's probably Mordremoth.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga Guild Wars 2 has plenty of dragons to theme weapon after but it seems like ANet is now moving in chronological order

Furthermore, the second variant will actually be released in Summer, as it starts on June 21, 2022.

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