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Apex Legends: Season 5 launch trailer premieres tonight

Published: 12:51, 05 May 2020
Apex Legends robotic character Revenant
Apex Legends, Revenant

Apex Legends is exactly one week away from the launch of Season 5: Fortune's Favor so it's time for Respawn's traditionally explosive launch trailers.

The team has been building towards this moment for a while now, setting up Season 5's arch-rivalry between Revenant and Loba back in the Season 4: Assimilation trailer. We included it below, just in case you feel like refreshing your memory. 

Loba is one of the privileged few that witnessed Revenant at his most destructive and lived to tell the tale. Nevertheless, the price of this encounter was a steep one and she was left to care for herself from an early age.

As Apex Legends' Loba trailer showed, her knack for thieving came in pretty handy in her new life bu her main goal was always to track down Revenant and end him.  

"When Revenant killed Marcos Andrade all those years ago, he left loose ends. Now she's all grown up. Wolf face Tune in tomorrow, May 5, at 10am PT to see the Season Five Launch Trailer", Respawn wrote. If you're in Europe, we're talking about 5pm GMT.

Respawn won't be launching the full Apex Legends: Season 5 patch notes until launch day on 12 May 2020, but they did reveal some meaningful changes like the match reconnect feature.

Apex Legends: Season 5 Ranked play will retain the current format, i.e. splitting the season into two 6-week periods on the two maps, respectively.

You can learn more about Ranked mode in Season 5: Fortune's Favor here

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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