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Apex Legends: Season 5 Ranked changes leaked, Reconnect feature coming

Published: 09:35, 28 April 2020
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Respawn have already revealed that Season 5 of Apex Legends kicks off on 12 May 2020, but the latest leak reveals the name and sheds some light on changes to Ranked.

Calling it a leak isn't entirely accurate though, as the post seems to have been online on Apex Legends' website. It's been taken down, but not before it was caught by trackers, and here we are. 

So, Apex Legends: Season 5 is titled Fortune's Favor and Respawn listed all the changes they're planning for Ranked, as well as things they're retaining from Season 4: Assimilation. 

For starters, Ranked Splits have apparently worked a treat, so they'll be sticking with the current schedule. Resetting Ranked after 6 weeks also worked great, as well as switching maps, both of which will continue in Season 5: Fortune's Favor.

Respawn wrote that Tier and Apex Predator separation worked as intended, although many Apex Legends players don't think so. Either way, the separation stays too. 

As for the new features, Apex Legends is getting one of the long-awaited features that was sorely missed, even more so if your rig likes crashing out to desktop at will - reconnect. 

"As we work on stability and systems like Loss Forgiveness that help make it more forgiving to play ranked and really focus on your climb, we wanted to offer even more ways to recover from crashes or internet outages. We’re happy to announce that reconnect is coming in Season 5", Respawn wrote.

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Reconnect is as simple as it sounds - if you crash out, simply restart the game and if your Apex Legends session is still going, you'll reload straight in. We're uncertain as to the details of the feature, like when and where are you respawned, but we guess this feature will require some mass testing before it's deemed perfect.

You can find the full post via Devtrackers .

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