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Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer shows off Revenant's skills

Published: 18:34, 03 February 2020
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Respawn delivered the promised gameplay trailer for Apex Legends' incoming season and, as you'd expect, it packs valuable info on the first batch of changes coming with Season 4: Assimilation. Revenant skills? Yes. Sentinel? Scary.

If there's anything remotely negative to say, it's that we'd have liked a longer trailer, but it's not like we've got much more to go. Season 4: Assimilation kicks off tomorrow, 4 February 2020, right on Apex Legends' birthday by the way, so get those trigger fingers ready. 

At around 0:51, you can see Revenant's abilities, and although Respawn did a great job at hiding the exact combination, all of them were data mined at one point or another. 

The pylon he raises is supposedly a respawn point, which may easily be the Shadow Form that you may have heard about. The way it should work is that if you or your teammates die, you're transported to the beacon with 20 health. 

Revenant's climbing abilities are one of the first things that were mentioned, and you can see them in action not long after. We believe Respawn named it Freak of Nature and it's his passive, but it does require putting away your gun. 

Apex Legends' new character also has the Smoke Bomb, which is presumed to silence everyone's abilities, and that too is a scary prospect for many legends.

While we're on the subject of scary - the seems just that, although we're yet to see whether the charged up shot acts like the Kraber sort. In other words, how much armour do you need to survive it exactly?

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Apex Legends is getting a crapton of World's Edge changes as well, and the first part of the trailer is just the tip of the iceberg. Hammond Robotics is indeed coming into Respawn's battle royale in a splitting manner. More on that in a minute, for now - enjoy the trailer. 

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