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Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation is shaking up Ranked Series 3

Published: 11:20, 24 January 2020
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Apex Legends, Master Tier

It's been a while since Apex Legends players started complaining about so-called sweaty matches, which for all you 'uninitiated' means difficult as hell, but Assimilation, i.e. Season 4, should provide Predators with more to do in their own tiers.

To better portray why this is so important, just a quick segue first. You've probably heard about Apex Legends' skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) issues, with and being the most prominent streamers to jump on the anti-SBMM bandwagon. 

Even though the method has proven to be beneficial for expanding the playerbase in just about every game it's been tried in, it does make for reliably difficult unranked matches for some players. 

This means a whole lotta salty water but thankfully, Respawn will be shaking up Ranked mode to provide you with more reason to compete with similarly skilled players. Which should, in theory, free up the casual play for casual players, although we have our doubts whether it will.

Nevertheless, Respawn are introducing Splits, meaning there will be around six weeks of ranked play before a reset. This should not only create a level playing field for players who get in late, it will also appease the Kings Canyon nostalgics as the second split will be played on Apex Legends' maiden map. 

"Ranked rewards will be granted for the highest tier achieved in either split of the series, but exclusive animated badges will be granted if you can make it to the same tier both splits", they wrote.

EA Apex Legends maps World's Edge and Kings Canyon Apex Legends: Assimilation, Ranked Splits dates

Apex Legends Ranked Series 3 will introduce a new Master Tier, ensuring that Apex Predator rank is reserved for top 500 players on every platform. Master Tier will require 10,000 RP as Apex Predator did earlier.

Scoring will remain in place, as RP-based matchmaking has proven to work as intended, and the entry RP costs are unchanged in Ranked Series 3. Trails, however, will be a temporary feature, so as to prevent the map from being lit up by former Predators.

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