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Apex Legends: System Override to add fixed-loot LTM, Evo Shield, Heirloom rework

Published: 01:10, 28 February 2020
Apex Legends weapons crate
Apex Legends, System Override's permanent loot locations

Apex Legends has endured a share of criticism over the amount on fresh in-game content, but Season 4: Assimilation so far promises to shut everyone up. Respawn now announced System Override Collection event with Deja Loot LTM, Evo Shield and a ton of new cosmetics.

Don't get us wrong - we certainly wouldn't mind getting fresh Apex Legends content every day, nay, an hour. However, comparing Respawn's team to some that are ten times their size and concluding they're just lazy is the sort of thinking a chatbot would call lazy. 

Thankfully, Season 4: Assimilation's extensive changes are just the beginning, as Respawn announced that the new Apex Legends event System Override Collection launches on 3 March, with a bunch of interesting changes. 

System Override's Deja Loot LTM will feature both World's Edge and Kings Canyon, but with a twist. If you're the sort of player that blames RNG for hampering their skill, Deja Loot will let you test that theory by spawning fixed loot on all locations the entire length of the event. 

The only remotely random thing will be the ring, but it too will be rotated daily. By the time the event ends on 17 March, you'll have actual data on who's holding you back.

As for the Evo Shield, Respawn wrote, " When you pick up Evo Shield it will start out weaker than a Common Body Shield (White), but as you do damage to non-downed players throughout the match it can become even stronger than Epic Body Shields (Purple)."

Apex Legends' evolvable shield will not reset if you get downed, so the toughest players are likely to learn firsthand how it feels being attacked by piranhas.

EA Apex Legends, Octane's knife heirloom Apex Legends, Octane's heirloom

As usual, the System Override event will come with its own progression and unique cosmetics to unlock. If you're more interested in Heirlooms though, Respawn will replace Heirloom drops with Heirloom shards. The odds are still the same, i.e. 500 Apex Packs will be enough - but you now get to choose which one you want. 

Weta Workshop Pathfinder miniature by Weta Workshop Apex Legends, Pathfinder miniature by Weta Workshop. No high five.

You can find the announcement here.

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