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Wattson's ability and look revealed in latest Apex Legends leak

Published: 12:49, 25 March 2019
Updated: 19:23, 25 March 2019
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Another upcoming Apex Legends' character has been leaked ahead of its release. This time, it's Wattson, a character that was already mentioned in some previous leaks and datamined files. The leak also reveals Wattson's ability - Tesla Coil.

According to some previous Apex Legends leaks and datamined files, Respawn Entertainment could have one more character and some additional features scheduled to release sometime during Season One.

Along with the adrenaline junkie Octane, who was introduced on the first day of the first season, a Legend named Wattson is also planned and the latest leak reveals his looks and what seems like an ability.

According to Apex Legends News, Wattson's ability is named Tesla Coil and it could work in the same way as Caustic's Toxic Trapper, electrocuting players who are caught in the trap.

As you can see in the leaked picture below, Wattson wears a suit with a lightning bolt symbol badge on it, suggesting that the character's powers will indeed focus on the use of electricity. Another hint, is of course, in the name Wattson. Watt, as you know, stands for the unit of power.

Popular streamer Shourd recently talked about Wattson in one of his broadcasts. Shroud said that Respawn Entertainment invited him to test two new Season One characters, one of them being Octane and the other one Wattson.

To fuel speculation even further, the official PlayStation website recently revealed a detailed description of Apex Legends' season one. In the description, they said that one more character will launch over the course of the season along with new and unique items and weapons. You can find more about that leak .

Hopefully, Respawn add new content sooner rather than later, as many players are disappointed with Apex Legends' Season One battle pass and its cosmetics, and new content could certainly help with that. 

ApexLegendsNews picture showing apex legends character The first leaked picture of Wattson.

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