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Apex Legends getting replays? Data mines suggest so

Published: 14:49, 28 May 2020
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Apex Legends, Charge Towers

There's a lot happening in Apex Legends these days but that's not stopping data miners from looking ahead. Interestingly, one of the findings is the mention of replays.

The news comes as courtesy of Apex Legends data miner going by Twitter name Shrugtal. 

He's not only been spot on for just about any earlier leak you can think of - he's also a great sport when it comes to spoilers, i.e. he never spoils the sort surprises you'd want to experience for yourself in Apex Legends. 

So, in one of his excursions into the depths of Apex Legends data files, he found a mention of a new server setting - replay support. 

As you can see from the image below, default server settings have a line of code referring to replays. And since Apex Legends has no such feature at the moment, we can only assume that this is one of the features that will be coming later on. 

Now, we're not sure whether this "later on" means it's in Season 5: Fortune's Favor or if Respawn are just setting the stage for post-S5 content. Hopefully, we learn sooner rather than later. 

Having watched the recent interview with Respawn's writer Tom Casiello definitely didn't help with narrowing down the potential window. Not only is the team well ahead of what we're playing at the moment - they're mapping out stuff for as far as Season 11 and 12, which really makes one think.

On the other hand, the long term outlook shouldn't be surprising considering Apex Legends has replaced Battlefield as EA's main shooter for now, and it even earned itself a dedicated studio in Vancouver .

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