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Apex Legends team has Season 11 and 12 mapped out

Published: 10:37, 28 May 2020
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Legends looking fresh for the new season

In yesterday's stream with Chris Edgerly, the voice of Pathfinder, Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello talked about everything game-related, including some interesting facts about development.

When it comes to game development, especially live service games, relentless development schedules are rarely an option - they come with the territory. 

Respawn offset some of this with clever planning, and while we knew they're well ahead of Apex Legends players, we didn't know exactly how much. 

Casiello mentioned that dialogue has to be recorded 3 months in advance, which means all the writing would have to be set in proverbial stone by February, after which there's no time to backtrack. 

"Right now we have finished recording Season 6 [...] We are compiling dialogue pickups for Season 8", he said. "We pretty much have to have season 11 and 12 mapped out." Naturally, those seasons aren't set in stone, but it's quite impressive how far the team is planning ahead.

Apex Legends has to have one of the most diverse casts out there, which introduces a whole set of potential issues, but interestingly - Respawn have no cultural consultants or anything of the sort. 

They do however pick the brains of the game's voice actors as well as their friends. Casiello laughed and conceded it can come off a bit stereotype-y, especially when friends reply with "You know, I don't represent the entire culture".

Asked whether the voice actors serve as any sort of inspiration to take characters in a certain direction, he said that it's a living, breathing universe and that the latest batch of voice lines is proof of that. 

Apex Legends character Pathfinder Apex Legends, Pathfinder Edition

Many Apex Legends players were dying to know things like whether characters really die when killed, or where do they live, and Casiello has some great news there. 

"Over the next course of the next year, you will get a window into some of their homes", he said. You know we all want to see Mirage's crib, right?

You can find the full interview on Edgerly's Twitch channel

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