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Apex Legends gets Season 7 Early Access gameplay with 14-player squads

Published: 11:14, 02 November 2020
Apex Legends screenshot, showing to game characters.
Cross-play arrives in Apex Legends, Beta starts Oct 6.

Participants of Apex Legends' Season 7: Ascension Early Access testing were treated to a glorious error that pit 14-player teams against one another on the new map, Olympus.

It appears that the Apex Legends video in question has been posted by several participants, but all of them have unfortunately been taken down. In other words, we really hope you get to see this one before it's taken down as well, which we suppose it will. 

Anyway, the character select screen was completely absent in the case of this Apex Legends match, and while the squads were meant to be 3-player ones, a playlist change error caused a bunch of players to be thrown into a single team. 

Uncharacteristic? Definitely. Fun? Most certainly. Well, unless you're the 3-Legend team that's meant to defeat the Apex Legends Goliath in this case, but it's pretty cool seeing most of the game's roster in a single team. 

Respawn promised they'll be sharing the patch notes for Season 7: Ascension later on today, but until then, you can check out some of the gameplay and the gorgeous new map, Olympus.

One of the things Apex Legends fans quickly noticed was the speed with which Octane regenerates his health. In fact, it's questionable whether he even needs medkits in a decently paced match, since any minor scratches heal incredibly fast. 

We suppose this has to do with the changes Respawn promised back when they promised that Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder and Rampart are getting some buffs soon

EA Apex Legends, Trident Apex Legends, Trident

In addition to Olympus, which is actually far bigger than the trailers suggested, Apex Legends' Season 7: Ascension also brings the new legend, Horizon, and the game's first vehicle, the Trident , which promises even more fun in the new setting. 

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