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Apex Legends gets Always Be Closing as current Grand Soirée mode

Published: 18:42, 20 January 2020
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Apex Legends, Always Be Closing

Following the Third-Person Mode, which still has us a bit conflicted, Respawn rolled out the next Grand Soirée limited-time mode (LTM) - Always Be Closing. Yeah, it's an LTM that will have you running and then running some more.

As Respawn said in their tweet, you better leave your dancing shoes behind because Always Be Closing will need you running shoes instead. Apex Legends players will find that the ring is ruthless, as it's not your regular-matches ring you encounter on the first shrink. This one hurts like hell. 

Much like the Gold Rush Duos allowed players to dismiss the randomness in loot pickups, and Live.Die.Live LTM stressed the importance of surviving gunfights for the sake of your team - Always Be Closing is a good lesson in movement. 

Apex Legends rings are normally forgiving at first, taking away measly bits of energy if you're stuck in them, but the latter ones can kill you in a few ticks. 

From what we've experienced, three ticks are enough to drop you dead, so by forcing you to be on the move, Respawn will teach newer players a valuable Apex Legends lesson. In other words - know where you're going and don't get caught in a scenario where you're forced to choose between being killed by the ring or being wrecked by the players waiting on the edge of it. 

Being a huge procrastinator and a person that probably died more to the ring than anyone in the history of battle royales - I can vouch it's a worthy exercise in smart and deliberate movement, which is not to be understated for high-level play.

Challenges are along the lines of sprinting 7,000 meters and winning matches, which shouldn't be an issue, and gets you the event awards too.

EA Apex Legends map overview Apex Legends, Always Be Closing

Respawn will surely be monitoring the stats closely, specifically the popularity of each mode, and you can bet your bottom dollar that many of the Grand Soirée modes will be coming in one shape or another once Apex Legends hits its fourth season. We also have a strange suspicion that they'll leave Kings Canyon After Dark for last. 

You can check the list of all the modes in our Grand Soirée piece, or read up more about why we found the Third-Person Mode's inclusion interesting but only when it's a

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