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Apex Legends: Everything we know about Loba

Published: 16:15, 30 April 2020
Apex Legends robotic character Revenant
Apex Legends, Revenant. And that's his happy face.

With less than two hours left before the new Stories from the Outlands episode and presumably the introduction or announcement of Loba, it's time to go over everything we've learned about her so far.

For starters, if you've seen the Season 4: Assimilation trailer, the one that has Revenant wreaking havoc all over the Hammond facility, you've practically seen her origin story. 

Loba can be seen at the end of the trailer, slouched over her father's corpse, and it's not hard to see her motivation.

While she's been rumoured as a potential addition to Apex Legends for quite a while now, the plan was always to launch her after Revenant. 

As for Loba's abilities, they'll soon explain why the Stories from the Outlands episode is named the way it is. 

  • Burglar’s Best Friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location
  • Supply for Demand: Hold off-hand ability to choose a type of loot. Reveal what type of loot around you through walls
  • Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all nearby loot
  • Eye for Quality: Loba can see nearby loot through nearby walls for loot

EA Girl over a dead body in Apex Legends Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, revenge story?

Loba's abilities at one point even included being able to open hidden compartments in loot bins, but it has since been given to Apex Legends' resident medic Lifeline.

We're fairly confident we've still only scratched the surface of Loba's story, but it won't be long until we know more. 

Apex Legends, Season 4: Assimilation, new guns, legend, ammo type and map changes

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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