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Apex Legends: Data miners find test emotes as Deja Loot LTM winds down

Published: 08:54, 16 March 2020
Weta Workshop
Pathfinder miniature by Weta Workshop
Apex Legends, Pathfinder miniature by Weta Workshop. No high five.

You could argue that Call of Duty: Warzone stole a bit of Apex Legends' wind and you wouldn't be wrong, but thankfully, that didn't stop any deep file mining. And, if the latest findings are to be believed, Respawn's battle royale is getting in-game emotes.

To be fair though, any Call of Duty instalment, let alone one carved out Modern Warfare's, is bound to make a dent of some sort, especially knowing that the franchise makes up for more than half of the best-selling games of the decade in the US. 

Anyway, back to Apex Legends, which is currently one day away from the end of Deja Loot LTM. We suppose only Respawn know for sure what's coming next, but it seems custom emotes will be part of the package. 

As uncovered by prominent Apex Legends data miner iLootGames, it might be that we'll see the emotes before Season 4: Assimilation has ended. It just so happens that he's found code related to in-game emotes all the way back to Season 2, but this time there's hard proof.

What you see below is Pathfinder's emote and it looks pretty charming, not least because of the last move. I mean, it's impossible not to find the idea of a robot doing the robot hilarious, albeit a bit ironic at the same time. 

In the same tweet, you can find an emote by Apex Legends' latest roster addition, Revenant, which has a distinct come-at-me-bruh feel to it. 

Apex Legends fans are anxious to see what Respawn throws at them next, as their update tempo in 2020 has been admirable. The dev's potential additions may also include prowlers , large beasts that should be well-known to players who are familiar with the Titanfall franchise, as data miners now found detailed 3D models.  

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends, Revenant

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