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Apex Legends data mine again points at Titanfall's prowlers

Published: 17:42, 11 March 2020
Apex Legends' in-game location called Survey
Apex Legends, the new Survey

Okay, seasoned followers of Apex Legends leaks may have been aware of this one, as prowlers have been talked about quite a way back, but Respawn's latest update seems to be leaving a bread crumb trail to Titanfall's beasts.

As dug up by data miner, Biast12, these are not your ordinary doodles. "Ooh see what I got, the Prowler got added a Model and the Animations for it + the Textures", he tweeted. 

This may not be the first time Prowlers have appeared, but as you can see, this time it's more along the lines of a finished, ready-to-launch model. The closest to a finished thing we were earlier were some voice lines by Crypto.

That, of course, doesn't explain much, but there's only two ways this can pan out. Either we have a case of Respawn adding files to throw data miners off their trail, which is what they've been doing with Revenant , or it's a regular upcoming feature. 

If we dare to dream, Season 4: Assimilation has been full of surprises, and we wouldn't put it past them to throw Prowlers in as well. Which, again, leaves the question of whether we may be seeing them in PvE capacity, or Respawn have something else in mind.

It's been a while since we've hear the rumours of Apex Legends singleplayer campaign, and that doesn't seem like a wild idea now that Overwatch 2 is doing a similar thing. 

Either way, Prowlers are quite the beasts in the Titanfall franchise, and however they end up in Apex Legends, we don't doubt they'll be a heap of trouble. Whether they will, on the other hand, is quite a different matter. 

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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