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Apex Legends: Bloodhound's story expanded in The Old Ways trailer

Published: 17:19, 02 April 2020
Apex Legends character Bloodhound
Apex Legends

Respawn have so far done quite an amazing job infusing their battle royale with character, and the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands is yet another step in that direcion. So, the Apex Legends hero of the day is Bloodhound.

As we've come to expect from Respawn, the video is top-notch. Considering the timing of the production, Apex Legends' developer deserves all the credit for what had to be really hard work.

The Old Ways lets finally Apex Legends players peek behind Bloodhound's facade, both figuratively and literally. The hunter's early years were clearly spent in learning how to hunt down all sorts of beasts. Oh and sporting a Charge Rifle, apparently.

Speaking of beasts, in the video, Bloodhound faces off against a Goliath, which is a fearsome beast from the Titanfall franchise. Whether we get to see it in Apex Legends, remains to be seen.

Having been Apex Legends' most mysterious character, with practically no backstory, Bloodhound's The Old Ways episode really hits the chord. Not only does it provide the motivation that drives the elusive hunter -  it charts his path from a child to the hero we know.

Although the video doesn't say that part, a lengthy trail of data mining has convinced most of the Apex Legends community that Bloodhound is getting his own Town Takeover event soon. 

EA picture showing bloodhound jumping from helicopter Apex Legends

Just as it was dug up by data miners, the first teaser dropped on 31 March 2020, and it was a dead Prowler , which is a large beast Titanfall fans should be familiar with. 

Apex Legends' dev is probably playing the hunter angle, although we're unsure whether they'll keep playing it up to the Goliath, or leave it at the dead Prowler level. Either way, it's Bloodhound time.

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