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Apex Legends: 419 high-ranking exploiters get season-long bans

Published: 09:43, 05 November 2020
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Respawn have officially kicked off Season 7: Ascension but not all Apex Legends players will get to participate, specifically those who thought using exploits is a good idea.

Just as the dev launched Season 7, Apex Legends' designated anti-cheat Legend Conor Ford tweeted, "To the 419 Diamond+ ranked players who abused an exploit allowing you get into and farm bronze lobbies for RP, enjoy watching Season 7 from the sidelines."

He also reminded that Respawn's banhammer doesn't discriminate between cheaters, or in other words - if you've been using the exploit, it doesn't matter which platform you're on. 

Now, we're not devoid of empathy here and we're well aware that the timing and duration of the ban appear a bit unfair. Then again, exploits aren't exactly fair either, are they?

To make matters worse for the now-spectators, Apex Legends' developer had explicitly warned against using them, and it's not like they stumbled upon it by accident. 

Knowing the amount of unjustified flak Respawn and Apex Legends received on the account of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), having players practically circumvent it on their own leaves very little room for compassion. 

Yes, we know not all players are calling for SBMM changes just so they can pub-stomp newbies, but as you can see - many of them are interested in exactly that. Needless to say, ignoring the warnings and arguing unfair treatment after getting caught using exploits isn't exactly a good time to be talking about fairness.

Some Apex Legends players called foul, claiming they've been banned even though they didn't take part in the exploits, but we have our doubts, mostly because it appears to have a been a pretty deliberate operation.

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