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ANVIL playtest goes live early ahead of demo

Published: 12:44, 10 June 2021
Action Square
ANVIL: Vault Breakers
ANVIL: Vault Breakers

Action Square announced that ANVIL: Vault Breakers playtesting will commence a couple of days before the demo hits and you can already request access.

ANVIL: Vault Breakers is an upcoming isometric rogue-like twin-stick shooter. While that's a mouthful, the game is pretty straightforward in what it offers - high-octane action against randomised enemies while chasing randomised loot. To add to the pile, the game looks like real eye candy so giving it a shot might be a good idea, especially when the tryout costs nothing.

Speaking of which, ANVIL demo will arrive on Saturday, June 12, 2021. However, you can already jump into the playtest if you are lucky as the devs decided to start rolling out ahead of the big day. The reason for this is apparently their wish to gradually increase server load instead of jumping neck first into server overload.

Simply go to the Steam page and click Play Now below the ANVIL_Playtest banner. In my case, the access was granted immediately but depending on the situation or the number of requests, it's possible some might end up on the waiting list. It's probably a first come first served type of thing so if you're interested in the game it might be a good idea to request access as soon as possible.

Both the demo and early playtest are coming months ahead of full release which should spell good fortunes for the game once it's come out as the devs will have a bit of time to polish the rough edges before launching on September 1, 2021.

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