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Anthem's gameplay won't deviate from the original promises

Published: 13:48, 23 April 2018
Anthem - We fixed all our animation problems, see? No reason for concern.

EA's newest Iron Man simulator will apparently have unchanged gameplay and graphics from the original E3 trailer. BioWare stated there will be no downgrades and the game's development is sailing along smoothly with an E3 2018 presentation.

BioWare revealed Anthem last year on E3 with what looked to be a smash hit for a trailer. It incorporated elements of Mass Effect, The Division, Iron Man and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Fans were wondering if the game was really going to be that way considering the growing trend of developers downgrading their games after their initial announcements.

Apparently, Anthem won't be such a case if the words of Brenon Holmes, BioWare's Technical Design Director are to be taken at face value. Holmes spoke against the possibility of reducing game graphics quality or cutting content that was already shown in the trailers.

A Reddit where players voiced their concerns about this issue has been answered by Brenon Holmes. It is not undocumented for developers to say one thing and do another, but we want can't say anything for certain yet since the game hasn't released yet.

We can however name some notable culprits of downgrades just for reference sake, such as: The Witcher 3, , The Division, Battlefront 1 and 2, Dragon Age, Need for Speed and many others.

Considering BioWare is basically EA's property now, we can expect many attempts at fishing the money out of consumers' wallets even with this game, like they did with Battlefront II.

Anthem's reveal on E3 2017 was met with general interest but a dose of caution seemed to arrive hand in hand with it. Potential players and fans mostly decided to keep their hype in check because of previous experiences with EA's methods.

EA A trooper in a field Battlefront 2 - A photo of EA offices

The Battlefront II fiasco certainly didn't help them, seeing as it got the governments of many countries involved in things they had no previous interest in. Oh well, we guess it's just EA doing EA things, as usual.


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