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Anthem: Icetide gets another spectacular story as Bioware build lore

Published: 09:54, 17 January 2020
screenshot showing Icetide time trial in anthem
Icetide time trials

Bioware have rolled out yet another lore offering for Anthem: Icetide, and they really seem to be going from strength to strength in the narrative department. Slightly longer than the last, but deeper in every respect, Bountiful Hunt is a blast.

Anthem: Icetide's new story is written by Jeffrey Campbell, the story recounts the attempts of bounty huntress Kiir to return to imperial favour, so to speak. 

Once again, Bioware are cleverly piecing together the world of Anthem, by expanding on existing characters, and filling in the details. And boy do they pack them chock full of imagery that I dare say that Bountiful Hunt is of much higher fidelity than the game. And no, that's not a dig at the game, by the way, but rather a compliment to the storyteller.

She swallowed hard and drew a pinch of grey dust from the pouch around her neck, tossing it in the fire. A blast of sparkling silver figures and prismatic symbols erupted upward, writing their own mysteries against the twilight.

If you enjoy stories, and we're obviously huge suckers for them, you'll treat yourself to quite the ride. Kiir's usefulness, or lack thereof, has left her out of favour with princess Zhim, which she tries to regain by hunting a mantikar that terrorised a local village.  

We're really reluctant to spoil anything, because we didn't say "ride" just for kicks, but there's plenty of action, tension, conflict and depth, that Anthem fans and those who aren't really don't want to miss this.

EA Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem

The pack jumped forward, snapping at her hands and hair. She swung the shovel in wild, frantic arcs, both feet planted over the dead Sentinel. But, though malnourished, the wolven were massive compared to her — the leanest was fully ten feet long — their skulls pitted with metallic accretions. No human could stand against even a single wolven. Not without a javelin.

You can find Bountiful Hunt .

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