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Amazon Prime Gaming lineup for March 2022 announced

Published: 10:13, 25 February 2022
Madden NFL 22
Madden NFL 22

Amazon announced the list of games that will be available for claiming in March 2022 if you are a subscriber of the Prime Gaming service.

Prime Gaming titles that are up for claiming from March 1, 2022, are:

  • Madden NFL 22
  • Surviving Mars
  • SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech
  • Crypto Against All Odds
  • Look Inside
  • Pesterquest
  • The Stillness of the Wind

There is also the Prime Gaming loot, which will include but is not limited to:

  • Prime Gaming Capsule in League of Legends (650 RP, 1350 RP skin permanent, 200 Orange Essence, five champion shards, two Eternals shards and a month-long XP boost)
  • Mardi Gras mask in Roblox
  • Gold G-Coin box bundle in PUBG

As for the top games on the list, NFL 22 is self-explanatory. While it is an annual release, it is still the biggest one among the freebies. That said, if you're not into American Football, you might be out of luck on this one.

Survivng Mars is a well-beloved city builder that features experimental habitats on Mars as we attempt to colonise the planet. Escaping Earth just can't come soon enough these days.

SteamWorld Quest is one of the SteamWorld titles that presents great bang for the buck since it offers a lot of enjoyment for a fraction of the price of a AAA game.

Crypto: Against All Odds is a tower defence game that really doesn't have a good selling point since it has you defending the blockchain. Yeah, not going to sit well with the gamers.

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