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Madden NFL 21 Steam launch is franchise's first

Published: 14:02, 17 June 2020
Madden NFL 21 screenshot mid-play
Madden NFL 21, sack in 3, 2...

When EA said they're bringing their whole catalogue over to Steam, they clearly weren't joking and Madden NFL 21's debut on Valve's distribution platform is a first for the franchise.

If you somehow missed that bit of news, let us refresh your memory - EA announced their return to Steam as of the launch of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is now well behind us. 

Apex Legends is yet to make the switch but Battlefield V, for instance, already has a Steam page, and now it's time for Madden NFL 21. EA's American football simulator already has its Steam page up, with the launch date set for August 28, 2020. 

You can check out the game's first trailer above, and check out all the features coming with the new instalment in the Madden NFL franchise. If you prefer text, you can refer here .

We make it a rule to advise thinking twice whenever there are preorders in question. If you're still set on preordering Madden NFL 21, you'll be getting one of 32 NFL Team Elite Packs, 5 MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs, and one Uniform Pack. That's unless you go for the MVP or Deluxe Edition, both of which add a bunch of other goodies to the preorder.

Madden NFL 21 has NFL MVP and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on all editions, and it turns out that key art has been impacted by the coronavirus. 

EA Madden NFL 21 player jumping over another Madden NFL 21, see ya!

Not being able to set up a proper photoshoot, EA opted for photos made by Baltimore Ravens photographer Shawn Hubbard who admitted not being familiar with the franchise, but said it was still an honour to have his work featured on the cover.

Madden NFL 21 by EA Sports launches in August 2020

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Madden NFL 21 looking good!

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