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Madden NFL 22 Free-to-Play trial weekend announced

Published: 16:24, 08 September 2021
Madden NFL 22 - The season ahead
Madden NFL 22 - The season ahead

Fans of Madden NFL 22 will get a chance to play the game for free during the upcoming weekend. The free trial will be available on all platforms.

What better way to celebrate a new season of Madden NFL 22 than by giving everyone free access to the game for a weekend. The 2021 NFL Season festivities will give everyone access to the game's newest features and everything else Madden NFL 22 has to offer, including the "Campus Legends" event.

Madden NFL 22 Free-to-Play event dates and details

The festivities, a.k.a. the global Free-to-Play trial, will start on September 9 and end on September 12. 

The trial will be available on the following platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC (via Steam)
  • Google Stadia

Madden NFL 22's recently added "Campus Legends" event in Superstar KO mode will also be available. The event added ten college football teams to the mode.

EA Madden NFL 21 Madden NFL 21

Players who like what they see during the free weekend will be able to purchase the Madden NFL 22 MVP Edition on sale at 25 per cent off. 

This weekend also marks the start of Madden Moment: Ultimate Kickoff, the first live service experience of the season. Players can unlock themed gear with a new event in The Yard and complete new challenges to earn Ultimate Kickoff heroes and Strategy items in Ultimate Team, with more to come.

Madden NFL 22 - The Kickoff stream

Expect a streamed showdown between NFL legend Marshawn Lynch and rapper/comedian Lil Dicky when "The Kickoff", presented by Madden NFL 22. The stream will be hosted on EA Madden NFL Twitch and NFL YouTube channel at 21:30 on Thursday, September 9, prior to the official NFL Kickoff Concert.

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