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Madden NFL 21 reveal has been delayed by EA

Published: 17:45, 01 June 2020
EA Sports
A screenshot of Travis Kelce wearing his home uniform in Madden NFL 19.
Madden NFL 19

Fans of American football and EA's Madden NFL franchise will have to wait a bit longer for the reveal of Madden NFL 21, as EA delayed it until further notice.

EA's decision was announced via social channels, where they wrote, "Tomorrow, we had committed to celebrating Madden NFL 21 with you, but we're not going to do that now."

The move is of course motivated by the mass protests that are currently happening in the US and it's perfectly understandable, even if some vocal fans don't seem to think so. 

At the moment, we're not sure whether the events in the US will affect the publisher's plans for EA Play, and we'd rather not speculate before hearing it from EA themselves. Same goes for Madden NFL 21, which was expected to feature on EA's event on June 11, 2020.

So far, the only thing we know for certain is that Madden NFL 21 launches as a cross-gen title on Microsoft's platform, i.e. it will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 

Perhaps even better news for players who are pondering getting Microsoft's next-gen console is the "Dual Entitlement" deal between EA and Microsoft. According to the deal, players who purchase Madden NFL 21 or its successor, Madden NFL 22, for Xbox One, and happen to make the switch to Xbox Series X along the way, will be able to upgrade for free. 

As they wrote on the official website , Madden NFL 21 will be "fully realising the power of Xbox Series X", but we'll have to wait and see what exactly that means for the popular football simulation.

EA Sports Player carrying the ball in Madden NFL 20. Madden NFL 20

"We'll find another time to talk football with you. Because this is bigger than a game, bigger than sports, and needs all of us to stand together and commit to change", the statement reads .

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