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Amazon Luna game streaming service announced for PC, Mac, iOS

Published: 05:42, 25 September 2020
Amazon Luna controller
Amazon Luna controller

Amazon today announced their Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud competitor called Luna, as well as a low-latency gamepad, but it looks like the product already has a leg up over the former.

"Introducing Luna, Amazon's cloud gaming service where it's easy to play great games on devices you already own. No waiting for lengthy downloads or updates — just play", the description reads. 

Amazon Luna launches in early access for PC, Mac, iOS and Fire TV devices, with the Android version following not too long after the service has launched. 

The company was asked a number of tricky questions pertaining to what's technically a period of iOS exclusivity and whether it relates to Amazon's deal with Apple. Amazon insist this is not the case, however. 

Amazon Luna is presented as a progressive web application (PWA), which means it's a browser-based program rather than a native iOS app. 

In fact, as reported by VentureBeat's Jeff Grub, the company confirmed that Luna runs a Windows environment. What this means in practice is that devs can simply get their PC games on AWS and it's done - no additional development needed. 

He correctly stated that this already gives it a leg up over Stadia, as development practically needs no additional resources. 

Interestingly enough, being a PWA and running through the browser means Amazon Luna effectively circumvents Apple's 30 per cent fees. You know, the thing neither Microsoft xCloud or Epic Games are allowed to do on Apple's platforms. 

Amazon Amazon Luna library thumbnails Amazon Luna library

While we're certainly glad (as all users should be) to see Amazon come in with their own game streaming option, we're not sure this will work in Apple's favour in their legal tug-of-war with Epic Games

No wonder Microsoft sided with Epic here, because Amazon Luna execs may claim there are no sweetheart deals here but we're looking at one. Microsoft and Epic still have to pay 30 per cent, because everyone is equal on iOS, but some companies are clearly more equal than others.

You can learn more about Amazon Luna on the official website .

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