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Apple: Epic are holding players hostage, Unreal Engine is a Trojan Horse

Published: 18:01, 16 September 2020
Epic Games
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In their latest response to the legal fight with Epic, Apple claim Fortnite developer started a fire, poured gasoline on it, and now wants courts to put it out, calling Unreal Engine a Trojan Horse

Apple insist that Epic are practically holding their players hostage in this situation, because the solution is as simple as adhering to Apple's universal App Store guidelines. Doing so, they claim, would mean Fortnite can secure its return to the store immediately. 

"Epic started a fire, and poured gasoline on it,  and now asks this Court for emergency assistance in putting it out, even though Epic can do so itself in an instant by simply adhering to the contractual terms that have profitably governed its relationship with Apple for years", their response reads. 

In fact, Apple called Epic's move "one of the most egregious acts of sabotage" the company has ever experienced. In spite of being provided with opportunities to return by fixing their contractual breaches, they said Fortnite maker "engaged in a prepackaged marketing campaign" by submitting the game two more times without having fixed the issues. 

Now, the dispute didn't end with Fortnite, as Epic's Unreal Engine got caught in crossfire too. While Epic insisted that this is just Apple's attempt to force them into submission, the latter claims they had good reasons to do so. 

"Unreal Engine poses as a second potential 'trojan horse' that would enable Epic to carry through on its threats to undermine the App Store and insert further unauthorized features. Removing Epic’s access to these developer tools reduces such a risk", they wrote. 

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Apple insist that the anti-trust claims hold no water whatsoever and that no court has accepted any such claims, describing Epic's position as "sheer novelty". 

You can find the full legal response here .

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