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Amazon give out free New World accounts to keep player numbers

Published: 05:35, 09 November 2021
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New World

It is a tale as old as time. A new MMO comes out, it becomes all the rage for a week or two, then falls into obscurity. Amazon, however, are making moves that will ensure New World doesn't continue that path.

On the first day of its release, New World peaked at more than seven hundred active players that day. Since then, the numbers just kept rising, until, well, they didn't.

It's nothing new in the MMO genre, with fans eagerly hyping themselves up and waiting for their next MMO fix, only for reality to come crashing down once they realize the newest MMO was not in fact all that they dreamed of.

Unfortunately, in New World's case, this problem I even more pronounced. In the six weeks since it was launched, the game has lost somewhere around 72% of its player base.

To combat this problem, Amazon have been putting various measures in place. These range from solving issues such as server queue times, and giving free character transfer, to giving out free game copies. It would appear that anyone who has played the game via family sharing on Steam, will receive a copy of the game, since the family sharing is being shut down, and Amazon can't afford to lose any more players than they already have.

Reddit New World - Free game copy New World - Free game copy

It is a good call on Amazon's side, as they lose nothing by doing this, comparatively speaking, and keep those who may return to try the game out close to New World. All that remains now is to put in some more content into the game and work on some quality of life changes.

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