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Aliens: Crucible RPG reminded Chris Avellone of Mass Effect games

Published: 10:47, 17 April 2019
picture showing female character hiding from alien
Alien Isolation

Aliens: Crucible was an RPG in development by Obsidian Entertainment until Sega cut the project and it was cancelled. Chris Avellone revealed a few more details recently, saying it reminded him of Mass Effect but was more terrifying.

Aliens: Crucible is a project we will sadly never see come to life as a full-fledged video game. It was in development by Obsidian Entertainment around the same Alpha Protocol was in the works but SEGA pulled the plug on the project after relations between the companies got a bit unsavoury. 

According to Chris Avellone, who to VG247 recently, SEGA eventually grew tired of dealing with Obsidian Entertainment's management which led to parting ways. He added that "everyone working on Aliens: Crucible was really excited about it "all the way until "Sega [was] like 'Nope!' ".

During the development, the RPG seemed to be a rather interesting take on the Alien franchise, with Avellone citing Mass Effect as a rough comparison but he did say the game was a bit "more terrifying".

Conversations in the game wouldn't magically stop time and all things around those engaged in them as xenomorphs could pop up at any time and ruin everyone's dialogue. 

Avellone apparently doesn't blame Sega for shutting the project down but rather Obsidian's management, about which he didn't spare any criticism in the past either, also stating that the management failed with communication on several levels.

Given the opportunity to work with Obsidian in the future, the writer he would gladly work with the developers once again but he "wouldn't work with senior management" as he considers their style unhealthy.

SEGA picture showing alien Alien Isolation

Considering that Obsidian Entertainment kept pushing out games that kept getting a positive reception from critics and players alike and still fell under financial issues. The latter should at least be fixed for the moment though, following the studio's acquisition by Microsoft.

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