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Albion's Energy Surge season will allow HQ Hideouts to be unlocked

Published: 02:09, 14 September 2021
Updated: 02:28, 14 September 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Avatars are one of the possible rewards this season
Avatars are one of the possible rewards this season

The next Guild Season kicks off on September 25! The standalone Energy Surge Season will run for approximately 6 weeks, and will have a unique structure and unique rewards.

In the last Dev Talk,  Game Director Robin Henkys introduced HQ Hideouts, a new feature that allows guilds to designate a single Hideout as their primary headquarters. As these special Hideouts are highly resistant to attack, they offer smaller guilds a chance to gain a foothold in Albion's black zones for as long as they are properly maintained.

While this feature is still in the development phase and many more details are forthcoming, the ability to claim HQ Hideouts with the next update will be based on total Season Points earned during the Energy Surge season. The following Season Point thresholds apply for where HQ status can be assigned in Season 14: 

  • Quality 6 zones (inner circle of Outlands): 200,000 Season Points
  • Q5 zones: 120,000 Season Points
  • Q4 zones: 80,000 Season Points
  • Q3 zones: 40,000 Season Points
  • Q2 zones: 20,000 Season Points
  • Q1 zones (outer ring of Outlands + all Roads of Avalon zones): 10,000 Season Points

Sandbox Interactive One of the available HQ options in Albion Online One of the available HQ options in Albion Online

Going forward, the ability to assign HQ status to a Hideout in a given zone will be dependent on points earned during the prior season. There will be plenty more details on this feature in the coming weeks, but for now, you can prepare for the Energy Surge season by checking out the complete list of zone quality levels on the Albion Online forums.

This season will definitely be beneficial to those small Guilds that have had problems with their operations, due to pressure from bigger organizations. However, it takes hard work to take advantage of the given opportunities.

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