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Albion Online's February Carnival challenge offers a free mount

Published: 06:44, 03 February 2022
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online - February Carnival
Albion Online - February Carnival

If there is one thing in MMOs that is used to flex on other players, it would be new, exotic, and functional mounts. You can find all of that in the Saddled Terrorbird, for free.

The Carnival Challenge is back. For the whole month of February, players can earn Challenge Points, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim their Saddled Terrorbird. The developers instruct us on how to get the rewards they are offering, and those worth it indeed.

As mentioned, this month's Challenge brings back the charming, lightning-fast Saddled Terrorbird, a speedy mount that will carry you quickly across the lands of Albion. With an above-average base move speed and an additional invincibility/speed burst spell, it's the perfect ride for those who need to cover some ground quickly and safely.

Along with the Saddled Terrorbird, you'll unlock the Carnival Challenge Avatar Ring when you reach this month's Challenge Point goal. Give your avatar a colorful, festive look all year round! This non-tradable item permanently unlocks this avatar border for one character or can be traded for one Adventurer's Token at the Vanity Merchant.

SandBox Interactive Albion Online - Saddled Terrorbid in-game Albion Online - Saddled Terrorbid in-game

As well as all that, you can unlock weekly Carnival Challenge chests to get valuable rewards like Adventurer's Tomes, resources, and silver bags, along with a chance at carnival-themed Wardrobe Skins. You can also get three furniture items: the Carnival Firework, Carnival Arch, and Carnival Costume Cart.

Log in now and start gathering, fishing, farming, and killing monsters to earn Challenge Points and unlock your rewards! Get a new mount, and flex on your opponents.

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