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Albion Online's Crystal League Championship starts on Saturday

Published: 22:01, 17 September 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Season 13 Crystal League Championship is coming
Albion Online - Crystal League

The next major Crystal League showdown starts on September 18! This is the season 13 rendition of this event, and judging b the success of the season itself, the championship will surely be an eventful one.

The Crystal League came to be as 5v5 fights have always been an important part of Albion Online. Up until a certain point, however,  they were only available in very limited scenarios: the Arena, Hellgates, and most famously, GvGs and Crystal Realm Battles. While the Arena is very casual, Hellgates and GvGs are very competitive and thus difficult for newer players to participate in.

With Queen, the devs wanted to open up the 5v5 scene to as many players as possible while still raising its impact and skill ceiling. They wanted 5-person teams to face off at different levels throughout the season, and end with a bang: high-stakes fights with the finest 5v5 players in the game.

Starting Saturday at 17:00 UTC, tune in to AlbionTV to watch all the action of this season's Championship, live. Winners will receive huge Gold rewards and rare mounts, with the first-place team walking away with the ultra-rare Saber Tiger Rex Swiftclaw Skin.

Join hosts Shozen, Lewpac, and Tazzik as they bring you live coverage and commentary on these high-action fights. Here's the weekend's schedule:

  • Saturday, September 18: 17:00 - 20:30 UTC
  • Sunday, September 19: 17:00 - 22:15 UTC

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online PvP battle Albion Online PvP battle

The Crystal League allows players to compete in daily casual 5v5 matches to qualify for participation in much more exclusive high-risk, high-reward battles.

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