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Albion Online's Call To Arms patch 11 brings changes to weapons

Published: 23:54, 18 October 2021
Sandbox Interactive
One of the available HQ options in Albion Online
These HQ options in Albion Online are bringing more than just a cosmetic change

Call to Arms Patch 11 is live! This patch brings substantial combat balance changes, improvements to the Black Zone map display and Faction Warfare UI, and more.

Combat balance changes are a major focus of this patch, with numerous weapon line updates. In particular, there’s an emphasis on diversifying the ZvZ meta, with improvements to long-overlooked weapons and adjustments to some already popular ones to keep group fights fair and exciting.

To increase their tank potential, Maces have been reworked: with the Guard Rune making allies immune to knockback or stun, a Slow added to Sacred Ground and having the Battle Howl cooldown reduced.

Tower Chariots are reworked to increase their support appeal, with the Health Factor increased, stand time removed from Energy Cloud and Toxic Crystal Waste stand time decreased.

Numerous updates to Arcane, Cursed, Fire, Holy, and Nature Staffs, from among the staff updates.

As far as swords are concerned, developers have re-buffed Galatine Pair to increase its appeal for ZvZ, with the Crescent Slash multi-stack effects increased.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online - War Gloves Artifacts Albion Online - War Gloves Artifacts

As well as all these changes to items, Black Zone map headers now display the Zone Quality Level when you hover over them. Since this determines the season point multipliers for Territories, Castles, Castle Outposts, and mobs, as well as Energy Storage by territory, this change allows this important information to be easily obtained via the in-game UI.

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