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Albion Online's active player count grew to record level in 2021

Published: 06:31, 31 December 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online is officially cross-gen
Albion Online is officially cross-gen

While 2021 may not have brought quite the same level of unprecedented upheavals as 2020, it was nonetheless a year of various challenges. Albion Online has overcome all of these challenges, though.

Following record numbers in 2020, the active player count in Albion continued to grow into 2021. February saw Daily Average User count hit 135,000, and Call to Arms in March continued this trend even further, pushing the count past 140,000.

Then came the mobile launch in June, which completely dwarfed previous user counts with an average of over 270,000 users per day. With the possibility to play on both desktop and mobile for the first time, players had even more incentive to stay active, and many also took the opportunity to return.

These greater numbers can only be good news for the experience of playing Albion, as a more populated world brings depth, unpredictability, and excitement. By the time of the Fourth Anniversary celebrations in July, this popularity was being reflected in ever higher view and subscriber counts on Twitch and YouTube as well.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online official mobile release Lands Awakened is Albion Online's biggest update since the mobile launch

And they sure had a lot of new content to watch and explore. Fall 2021 marked the start of a new era for Albion, bringing the massive, much-anticipated Lands Awakened update.

This was perhaps the game's most expansive update since launch, touching nearly every aspect of open-world gameplay. From gorgeous new visuals for all five biomes, mobs that upgrade in power and value over time, and reworked static dungeons, to the brand-new War Gloves weapon line, an expanded soundtrack, big changes to guild warfare, UI and quality-of-life improvements, the list goes on.

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