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Albion Online season 14 starts tomorrow and brings great changes

Published: 23:22, 26 November 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online - War Gloves Artifacts
Albion Online - War Gloves Artifacts

Albion’s fourteenth Guild Season starts this weekend with a revamped structure and new features to make guild warfare more competitive and exciting than ever before.

The action starts on Saturday, November 27 and will be broadcast live on AlbionTV from 17:30 UTC, with hosts Shozen, Lewpac and Bogul bringing full coverage of Invasion Day.

At 18:00 UTC all territories will be reset for guilds to claim them and launch attacks. Those in the North and South American time zones can also tune in for the second round of territory resets on Sunday, November 28 at 00:30 UTC, when hosts Shozen, Robinhoodrs, and Bogul will cover the next round of invasions from 01:00 UTC. All open-world fights are broadcast live with a 15-minute delay.

While the Conqueror’s Challenge allows individual players to earn season rewards throughout the course of the season without necessarily being part of a guild – though a successful guild will still benefit its members as it completes Guild Might Levels.

Sandbox Interactive One of the available HQ options in Albion Online These HQ options in Albion Online are bringing more than just a cosmetic change

As recently announced, starting with Lands Awakened Patch 1, Headquarters Hideouts qualifications will apply as soon as they are earned within the current season. This means guilds who earn enough Season Points during Season 14 will be able to declare an HQ or upgrade to a higher tier/quality zone immediately, regardless of whether they qualified during the Energy Surge season. And of course, guilds who met the HQ Hideout requirements during the last season can already declare Headquarters in qualifying zones.

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