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Albion Online QnA teases new weapons and sparks discussions among fans

Published: 00:38, 29 June 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online is officially cross-gen
Albion Online is officially cross-gen

Change is one of life's pleasures, and in video games, updates and changes are its lifeblood. In the recent QnA session on Reddit, new weapons were a point of discussion.

One of the game's developers recently started a QnA thread on Reddit, regarding Albion Online, its development, and future updates. In a sea of questions, one stands out though, as it pertains the most to the gameplay experience.

One fan asked about the possibility of new weapons being added to the game. The answer leaves much to be desired, but it has sparked discussions in the community.

The answer was as follows: " Yes, but I can't give any spoilers at this time :) ".

Quite a few players have taken to the Albion Online subreddit, and other forms of social media, to speculate on what kind of weapons can be expected.

A consensus has been reached that the newest additions will most likely be the royal weapons. These are expected to be royal-themed artifacts, much like the demonic ones.

What players anticipate happening though, is the addition of gunpowder-based weapons, such as pistols or muskets. Gunpowder already exists in the game, and adding these would not be a stretch. Though it bears saying that this addition is quite unlikely, as new weapons are expected to be added in, rather than weapon trees. And firearms definitely deserve their own weapon trees.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online official mobile release Albion Online has more than just Arthurian legends

Furthermore, the next expansion will involve exploring new territories, and, as we all know, thematically, muskets and early pistols are the right weapons for the job.

Whatever the case, fans are just excited for new content to be added to the game. As there is a status quo in quite a few areas of the game, any change is welcome, whether it can shake it up or not.

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