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Albion Online Lands Awakened patch 4 updates combat, mobs, and QoL

Published: 07:16, 27 January 2022
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online - Lands Awakened
Albion Online - Lands Awakened

Lands Awakened Patch 4 is now live! This patch brings some important quality-of-life improvements, extensive combat balance changes, adjustments to Static Dungeon mobs, and much more.

This patch sees the largest combat balance update since Lands Awakened launched. Firstly, certain combat systems – Resilience, AoE Escalation, Crowd Control, and Diminishing Returns – have been adjusted, broadly in favor of smaller groups in combat.

In light of these adjustments, changes have also been made to some weapons and armors - such as Cursed Staff and Cleric Robe - in order to keep their gameplay fair and competitive.

Numerous further changes have also been made, including: 

  • Various War Glove E-abilities improved
  • Rain of Arrows channel duration decreased and damage increased
  • Capes with effects triggered by auto-attacks no longer activate while Hostile Dismount status is active

SandBox Interactive Albion Online Albion Online

While on the topic of combat, in order to better balance the performance of certain Static Dungeon mobs, and allow more counterplay opportunities, some adjustments have been made to their abilities. For example:

  • Gifted Sorceress (Morgana): Enfeeble Blades damage reduced by 33%
  • Earthdaughter (Keeper): Frenzy spell adjusted to put more pressure on tanks
  • Various alterations to cast times, cooldowns, and areas of effect for Morgana, Keeper, and Undead Factions

In addition, across all factions, a number of Static Dungeon mobs have had their avatars updated to better reflect their characteristics visually. The patch is a continuation of the great work the developers are doing at Sandbox, pushing Albion Online toward new heights.

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