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Albion Online dev talk discusses the newest weapon War Gloves

Published: 02:59, 24 November 2021
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online
Albion Online

With the Lands Awakened update come the long-awaited War Gloves. These new Albion Online weapons are sure to bring a significant change to the game's PvP.

The Lands Awakened update on November 24 brings exciting developments to combat in Albion Online. In this Dev Talk, Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Director Robin Henkys introduced a new feature: the War Gloves weapon line.

War gloves are an entirely new brawler weapon line on the Warrior Weapons tree. They add three new base weapons and four new artifact weapons. This playstyle will allow for various attack combos.

War Gloves have a great deal of build versatility, giving players a variety of outplay possibilities and interesting decisions to make. They have one more Q slot ability than other weapons, allowing build flexibility for different situations.

Sandbox Interactive War Gloves are for those that like their fights up close and personal War Gloves are for those that like their fights up close and personal

Here’s a look at just one of their abilities:

  • Triple Kick:
  • W-ability.
  • Fly towards the enemy, performing three kicks in the air.
  • Can be aimed close, or at a distance for extra mobility.
  • Can drag one enemy player with you.

This type of a brawler playstyle will surely make for a pleasing experience for a lot of players. Until now there hasn't really been a way to get this up close and personal, and the range at which players fought was always, at the closest, a medium one. As well as all this, new weapon lines for Hunter and Mage are also being worked on for future updates, so stay tuned.

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