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A Way Out delivers new gameplay footage and reveals game length

Published: 22:26, 14 March 2018
Hazelight Studios
Two guys standing in a prison yard with yellow ''A WAY OUT'' written over them.
A Way Out

A Way Out is being released on 23 March 2018 and gameplay videos are already pouring in. Hazelight Studios seem to be up to the task of delivering a well written co-op game once again after their success with Brothers: A tale of Two Sons.

Hazelight Studios have started making A Way Out with just 10 people in their studios, which has grown over the years to 40 employees. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was made by 12, which should theoretically mean that A Way Out will have more to offer. From the first looks at the game, it seems this might just hold true.

Josef Fares isn't changing his formula from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, keeping a strong narrative direction with A Way Out as well. The story focuses on two convicts who escape a prison during the 1970s, and their attempt at a free life. As stated countless times before, the game can not be played in single player, you have to play it in either couch co-op or over the internet. That being said, only one of the two players needs to actually buy the game for both of them to play.

Hazelight Studios A Way Out protagonists running through the woods as police chase them. A Way Out - An example of couch co-op.

Fares has also revealed that it will take players six to eight hours to complete the game. This may not look like much in terms of length, but it's a 6-8 hour long cinematic experience that will cost about as much as a popcorn and a soda in a cinema. That said, the game's price is £24,99 or $29,99.

Apparently, all the profits from the game's sales will go to Hazelight Studios and none to EA. The game is going to be published by EA who are also helping with marketing and support, but they are not taking in any of the profits. On top of everything, Fares mentioned he ''would never make a game with microtransactions''. EA are either trying to cultivate a halo or they're exploring a potential new market in storytelling games.

Hazelight Studios A guy jumping off a cliff and it looks like he's running through the air. A Way Out - Achievement unlocked: Criss Angel got nothin' on me!

Nintendo Switch owners may be disappointed as there are no plans for a port yet. It's not off the table, but it depends on how the game performs.

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