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A Way Out achievement list and odd facts collection

Published: 17:25, 12 March 2018
Hazelight Studios
Two guys standing in a prison yard with yellow ''A WAY OUT'' written over them.
A Way Out

A Way Out is a unique cinematic experience in video gaming industry that's coming on 23 March 2018. It is in development by Hazelight Studios, the same team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Here are some quirks unique to this game.

A Way Out seems to be aiming to genuinely present players with an experience that is genuinely new to the modern gaming industry. Its focus will be a strong narrative and the tone of your progression through the game will be flavoured by two characters that are on the opposite side of the spectrum - Leo is the loose cannon and Vincent is the calm and calculating one.

The game will not rely on achievements to serve as a hamster wheel in order to keep players invested as there are only 14 of them, listed below.

Take A Breather - You took a break from it all.  80 GS

Freedom - You freed someone from captivity. 50 GS

In Sync - Music was played in harmony. 80 GS

Timeless Treasure - You linked up to get past. 100 GS

No Cheating - You exposed some infidelity. 50 GS

Break From Reality - You played a videogame with a friend. 50 GS

Mayday! - You almost took to the skies. 50 GS

Managed Anger - Dark desires done right 80 GS

Live The Dream - “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” 100 GS

Backseat Mechanic - You helped fix the bike. 50 GS

Take It For A Spin - You did what the wind couldn’t. 80 GS

You Started It - Not kids anymore. 80 GS

The Dip - You set a new record. 100 GS

Home Run - You are clearly good with a bat. 50 GS

Hazelight Studios A guy jumping off a cliff and it looks like he's running through the air. A Way Out - Achievement unlocked: Criss Angel got nothin' on me!

A Way Out will also be only co-op because EA wants people to buy at least two copies of the game in order to play it. Just kidding, you can play the game on either couch co-op or online where only one of the two players need to actually buy the game. Player 1 can then invite anyone they want to play through the game with them.

That said you buy the game on Xbox One for example, you can only play online with other Xbox One players, as no cross-platform play is supported. A Way out will also have different sequences where stealth or action is preferred and it could be wise to consider which character to use for which task. Loose cannons are typically not good at subtlety.

Bonus fact #2 : Yes, his brother's name is Fares Fares.

A Way out will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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