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A Way Out gets gets final trailer as it hits the shelves, recaps the game pretty nicely

Published: 18:48, 23 March 2018
Leo and Vincent from A Way Out in the prison courtyard
A Way Out

A Way Out is out today and the game's launch trailer teases bits and pieces of what we can expect once we get our mitts on Hazelight Studios and EA's latest title. Airplane jumps, motorcycle and car chases - A Way Out seems to have it all.

We couldn't help but chuckle seeing the beginning of the trailer, seeing as how it looks seriously close to PUBG but A Way Out quickly goes its own way.

Once the drop is done, A Way Out trailer, and the game as well, seem to have covered pretty much any activity you can perform in real life. There's kayaking, shooting, running as well as motorcycle and car races - all cogs in Fares' vision for A Way Out.

EA A split-screen scene from A Way Out in which the characters are in the laundry room A Way Out

The game is obviously played in co-op via split screen and it seems Fares took quite a few creative liberties in ensuring A Way Out is a great cinematic as well as gaming experience.

Having said that, nobody seems to want to address the amount of creative liberties Fares has taken, especially by heavily borrowing from the movie We're No Angels, so let's get that over with. 

In fact, not only did Fares heavily lean on the aforementioned plot, where protagonists are running from prison - he also seems to have modelled A Way Out protagonists on Sean Penn and Robert De Niro, even though they did pull Penn's nose mesh just a bit further.

Hazelight Studios A guy jumping off a cliff and it looks like he's running through the air. A Way Out - Achievement unlocked: Criss Angel got nothin' on me!

There's also the night sliding scene, which is again borrowed from Tango and Cash, we've strayed from the game so let's get back to A Way Out.

With the game launching today, initial reviews of A Way Out seem to be leaning towards the underwhelming side of the spectrum, but still, we'll hold our opinion until we've given it a proper go.

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